Marketing Features

Fortifi automates many day-to-day jobs of your marketing team, and allows you to focus on business growth.

Advertiser Tracking

Track all of your traffic sources through our super-fast tracking system.

Detailed Reporting

Analyse your traffic in real-time, right down to the zip code of a click.

Multiple Commission Structures

Set commissions for each action, or country to track marketing cost effectively.

Fraud Prevention

Automated tools to protect you against affiliate & sub affiliate fraud.


Pay your advertisers straight from your Fortifi control panel, with printable invoices.

Pixels & Postback

Allow your advertisers to enter their own pixels for you to approve, to trigger for specific actions or sub ids.

Advertiser Signup

Accept new advertisers with our signup form and approval system.

Advertiser Dashboard

Give your advertisers their very own dashboard to access and view their reports.

Coupon Code Tracking

Track offline advertisers with our coupon code allocation.

Detailed Event Data

Store custom meta-data against any events, alongside our already detailed breakdown of every event.

Device Targeting

Target any Browser, Operating System and Platform in real time

Geo Targeting

Target your visitors based on their location, right down to the zip code.

Dynamic Redirection

Dynamically redirect your visitors too the page best suited to them based on any attribute you can think of.

Custom Events

Create as many inbound and background events as you need to generate a full view into your sales pipeline.

Advertiser Domains

Track advertisers without the need for any tracking links.

Spend Upload

Upload marketing spend from other sources e.g. PPC & Networks onto your historic events.

Billing Features

Fortifi makes your billing process quicker and easier to manage, providing features including product management, invoicing, fraud protection and more.

Product Management

Manage your products and pricing with our simple management UI.


Sell your products in all currencies you wish to support.


Offer special deals to your customers, with dollar or percentage discounts.

Fraud Protection

Integration with the top Fraud Protection tools, and visuals for you to make sense of the data.

Order Management

Keep your orders in check

Payment Methods

Accept payments via PayPal or Credit Card.


Provide your customers with detailed invoices for your products.


Offer recurring billing for your products, and full subscription tracking.


Full chargeback tracking system, for detailed analysis.

Custom Product Setup

Full integration with your own backend product system, to manage products.

Cascading Merchants

Automated failover to secondary merchant accounts, if your primary is down.

Merchant Routing

Route your payments to the best merchant account for the currency you are charging.

Messaging Features

Fortifi messenger is the complete email marketing solution. With simple email templating, auto-responders, promotions and automated workflows, you can take your email marketing to the next level and still have time to grow your business

Auto Responders

Automate your marketing funnel, with auto responders on built in and custom event triggers.


Send messages to millions of customers in minutes.

Multi Language

Compose your messages in any language, and send based on your customers preferences.

Simple Template Language

Compose your messages in Text and HTML format using the simple twig templating language.

Automated Unsubscribes

Automatically unsubscribe users when they unsubscribe with their service provider.

Bounce Tracking

Avoid sending messages to dead email accounts, and reduce your mail costs.

Complaint Tracking

Know when a user has complained about a message, and which message was unwanted.

Open Rates

Find out when your emails are being viewed, and who is viewing them.

Click Through Rates

Know who is clicking on your emails, when they click them, and which link they clicked.

Detailed Reporting

View your email data, from sent number to click throughs down to email provider and zip code.

Advanced Filtering

Target your messages to the exact range of customers, to avoid sending unwanted mail.

Opt In Tracking

Keep track of which users have clicked, and verified to receive your mail.


Unsubscribe your customers straight from your own site.


Group your messages, allowing users to unsubscribe from single types of email.

Multiple Providers

Send your messages via Amazon SES, Send Grid or your own custom SMTP server.


Configure the sender of your messages on lists, campaigns or messages.

Support Features

The Fortifi support suite helps to simplify the customer care process, consisting of knowledge base, tickets, quality assurance and more


Accept support tickets over api or email, with automated customer allocation.

Ticket Locking

See who is viewing a ticket, and restrict agents from working on the same ticket.

Smart Lists

Your tickets, but in the order you need to work on them.

Canned Responses

Stop wasting time sending the same responses. Fortifi provides dynamic templates to build a better response, quickly.

Service Level Agreements

Set response and resolve targets on your tickets, to ensure you stay ontop of targets.


Create workflows to build a dynamic priority for your tickets, so your agents know the importance of a ticket to your business.

Departments & Queues

Organise tickets into departments & queues, to provide the correct tickets to your employees.

Live Chat

Talk to your customers in real-time to get quick questions solved.

Knowledge Base

Give your customers the data they need to solve their questions.

Quality Assurance

Keep ontop of your agent performance, and do not let support quality drop.

Call Logging

Track all your calls between customers.


With some products, its important to be able to guide a customer through a product. With screenshare, this is now possible.

Security Features

Fortifi knows your data is important to you, so we go that extra mile to ensure your data is kept secure.


Restrict feature access on an individual basis, for fine grained security.


Assign roles to your employees, and lock down feature access by role.

Departments & Teams

Group your employees into teams and departments to control data access.

Access Log

Track Failed & Successful logins into every account, with Location & User Agent tracking.

Security Key Access

Restrict access to each account with Hardware Security Keys

Multi-Factor Auth

We offer several different styles of multi factor auth, with failovers on legacy systems, to keep your accounts secure.

Password Complexity

Set strict password complexities by user group.

Password Expiry

Force your users to update their password every X days

Common Password Protection

Stop your users from being able to set their password to a known weak password.

Password Sequencing Protection

Stop your users from slightly modifying their previous password, to keep their logins unique.

IP Restriction

Whitelist your IP to the Fortifi control panel, to restrict access.

Service Accounts

Create multiple service accounts, and quickly disable or regenerate your keys.

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