There is a minimum charge of $250 per month. However if you commit to a higher minimum charge per month there is a discount on many unit costs for larger companies.

All unit costs are rounded up to the dollar, for instance up to 4500 customers would cost $3 per month on a $250 plan.

Minimum Commit$250$10k$20k
BrandsCount$50--You can have many brands per organisation
EmployeeCount$10--Each employee can be given a role so they have access to only the applications they require
Background ActionCreate$0.02$0.01$0.005Background Actions allow use of features in Fortifi such as Messenger Triggers, Locking Affiliates, Tracking Revenue / Commission, Event Storage, Apply Spend and Reverse Actions.
Service ActionCreate$0.004$0.002$0.001Service Actions are when events are triggered from your site such as Installing a product.
Inbound ActionCreate$0.005$0.002$0.001Inbound Actions are links that allow you to track traffic sources, conversions and build visitor profiles, allowing you to compare campaign / landing page variations.
Device FingerprintCreate$0.0005$0.0003$0.0001Device Fingerprinting gives much more in depth detail on each Visitor to the site, allowing greater analysis of your visitor profiles.
CustomersCreate$0.0006$0.0002$0.0001Store all your leads and customers with your own custom Properties, Support and Subscription details all stored on the customer.
PolymersCreate$0.002$0.001$0.0005Polymers are custom types e.g. Devices or Sites that you can assign to customers to allow more in depth data storage and more specific triggers for message campaigns and auto responses.
EmailSent$0.0004$0.0002$0.00015Send email campaigns, auto responses to events such as new customers, or promotional emails to subsets of your customers based on advanced filtering to create lists.
TicketsCreate$0.09$0.07$0.06Handle all of your support requests making use of canned responses and make use of detailed reporting by department / queue / agent.
Live ChatCreate$0.09$0.07$0.05Add Live Chat support to your site allowing support agents to interact directly with visitors, keeping them engaged.
Transaction (Charge)Min$0.05$0.04$0.03There is a minimum charge per transaction
%0.5%0.3%0.1%We will alternatively charge a percentage of the total transaction amount if this is greater than the min transaction value
Card$0.03$0.02$0.01For Card transactions we charge an additional fee per transaction.
RefundCreate$0.04$0.03$0.02Any Refunds will have a fee per transaction
ChargebackCreate$1$0.5$0.1Chargebacks will be charged per transaction