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Fortifi messenger is the complete email marketing solution.

With simple email templating, auto-responders, promotions and automated workflows, you can take your email marketing to the next level and still have time to grow your business

Custom simple tags

Configure your own Simple Template Language

Fortifi has implemented an easy to use templating language - TWIG - to help you create your very own custom marketing emails, quickly and easily.

Messaging Features

Fortifi automates many day-to-day jobs of your marketing team, and allows you to focus on business growth.

Auto Responders

Automate your marketing funnel, with auto responders on built in and custom event triggers.


Send messages to millions of customers in minutes.

Multi language

Compose your messages in any language, and send based on your customers preferences.

Simple template language

Compose your messages in Text and HTML format using the simple twig templating language.

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