Seamless business flows
With everything in one place, your business practices can flow seamlessly from one stage to the next
Track Advertisements and Pay Affiliate Partners
With Fortifi, you are given complete control of your Marketing campaigns. Track and follow all of your sources with our super-fast tracking system and keep an eye on your success rate with our in depth reporting. Allowing you to analyze your traffic right down to the zip code of a click, Fortifi ensures you are being as successful as possible with your spends.
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Turn visitors into leads...
Using a combination of cookies and IP tracking, we can track visitors to your pages over multiple visits, allowing you to determine which marketing methods work to convert those visitors into an engaging leads.
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... and leads into customers
Using custom properties and automated filtering lists on Messenger, you can target your leads with information specifically designed to encourage purchasing, turning them into valued customers.
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Communicate efficiently with them
Keeping your client base up to date with new purchases and products is essential to growing your revenue. Create custom templates and emails for every element of your business and ensure your customers are informed of your services and products of interest, along with marketing automation.
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Manage their orders, products and services
New purchases, products of interest and a complete purchase history all in one place. Modifications and sales are all available with your customers account, allowing you to keep on top of your customers needs and improving efficiency.
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And then?
Provide ongoing support with tickets and live chat
Being able to keep on top of your customer interactions is the key to keeping a happy client base. With full email support and live chat options available with Fortifi, you are always available to answer your customers when they need you.
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