Messenger with Fortifi
Fortifi can automate your email marketing funnel with auto responders, using pre-defined and custom event triggers.
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We make interaction simple. Fortifi gives you unprecedented levels of control over your interaction with both existing and new clients. Configure, target and contact your audience to communicate the best promotions, responders and transactional emails to increase your chances of conversion.
Comprehensive Messenger software
Promotional Mailshots
Advanced Filtering
Auto Responders
Automatic Campaigns
Messenger Features
Multi Language
Compose your messages in any language, and send based on your customers preferences.
Simple Template Language
Compose your messages in Text and HTML format using the simple twig templating language.
Automated Unsubscribes
Automatically unsubscribe users when they unsubscribe with their service provider.
Bounce Tracking
Avoid sending messages to dead email accounts, and reduce your mail costs.
Complaint Tracking
Know when a user has complained about a message, and which message was unwanted.
Auto Responders
Automate your marketing funnel, with auto responders on built in and custom event triggers.
Open Rates
Find out when your emails are being viewed, and who is viewing them.
Send targeted messages to millions of customers in minutes.
Click Through Rates
Know who is clicking on your emails, when they click them, and which link they clicked.
Detailed Reporting
View your email data, from number sent and clicks down to email provider and zip code.
Advanced Filtering
Target your messages to the exact range of customers required, to ensure your message reaches only your target audience.
Opt-in Tracking
Keep track of which users have clicked, and verified to receive your mail.
Simplify your business