Billing with Fortifi
Fortifi makes your billing process quicker and easier to manage, providing features including product management, invoicing, fraud protection & more.
Take Payments Online
Handling everything from your order flow, repeat subscriptions,to fraud management and conversion metrics, Fortifi ensures you maximize your business potential. Define your products, pricing in multiple currencies, offers, subscription cycles, custom cancel and suspend reasons and more to customize Fortifi to completely handle your billing requirements.
Comprehensive billing software
Product Management
Subscription management
Fraud protection
Billing Features
Offer special deals to your customers, with dollar or percentage discounts, applied to certain products or groups. Also create offer promotion codes to allow customers to enter a discount code at checkout.
Order Management
Keep your orders in check through each stage of an order, from approval through to setup and completion. The intuitive interface allows employees to manage orders in the Fraud process or update failed orders quickly and easily.
Payment Methods
Accept payments via a range of payment methods including PayPal, Stripe or Credit Card using our secure Card processing service.
Product management
Manage your products and pricing with our simple UI. Create prices in multiple currencies over different billing cycles and set custom reasons for cancellation, suspension and refunds.
Fraud Protection
Integration with the top fraud protection tools such as Maxmind and Cybersource, give you control of your fraud protection. Visuals and data returned from the fraud providers allow you to make sense of the data.
Provide your customers with detailed tax invoices for their orders and renewals, printable in PDF and branded for your company.
Offer recurring billing for your products in whatever billing cycle you require. Fortifi will renew the subscription automatically and with customizable settings you can control when you want the Subscription to auto suspend and auto cancel.
Sell your products in all currencies you wish to support, providing the same price across all currencies or a different price for each.
Cascading Merchants
Automated failover to secondary merchant accounts, if your primary is down. With Gateway configuration policies you can define as many merchant accounts as you want and Fortifi will cascade through them attempting to complete the payment
Merchant Routing
Gateway configuration polices allow you to setup simple or complex rules for how to route your payments, ensuring they go to the best merchant account for the currency and cycle type you are charging.
Test Gateways
Set up dummy gateways to test your order flow and fraud integrations. Imperative to test changes in your order flow or workflows, and for testing new Payment Methods, you can achieve complete end to end testing with Test Gateways.
Card Encryption
Store customer cards with Fortifi, securely encrypted and meeting PCI compliance. Fortifi never holds the full card details, and what is stored is encrypted, giving you peace of mind that your customers card data is protected.
Simplify your business