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Your billing, sales, marketing, support and CRM, seamlessly managed in one place

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Cost effective
Our intelligent pricing structure ensures that you are not overpaying for services you don’t need. Being able to tailor and scale Fortifi to your individual business needs, means seeing the best return on your investment possible.
Fortifi gives you the power to manage all elements of your business, combining flexibility with simple design and a strong feature set, Fortifi is the all-inclusive solution for startups and mature businesses alike - all in one place.
Configurable role and employee access allow you to control what elements of your organization can be seen by each user. We offer full integration with Google Single Sign On, making this a secure one-click login.
What is Fortifi?
Fortifi is a complete end-to-end cloud based business platform making billing, marketing and support seamless, scalable and reliable.
From sourcing visitors to converting customers, Fortifi brings your entire marketing funnel together
Fortifi’s core CRM helps stay on top of your relationships, keeping track of every part of dialogue and provided services.
Turn users into active and loyal customers by sending them targeted notifications, based on their interactions with your business.
Handling everything from your order flow, to fraud management and conversion metrics, Fortifi ensures you maximize your business potential.
Delight your customers with our simple customer service solutions. Fortifi gives you the tools to resolve customer issues faster.
Know Your Sources
Fortifi provides a super-fast tracking system, allowing you to track all of your traffic sources and ensure you spend your marketing budget on the highest converting campaigns.
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I can honestly say that our business would not run as effectively without Fortifi anymore. Fortifi has become a vital element for a growing business and ensures that all of our customers can continue to receive the same high levels of support that we pride ourselves on.
Josh Bryan
Analysis Pro
Fortifi gives us the information we need to be able to optimize our marketing to the next level. Providing unparalleled data to allow us to run efficiently and profitably.
Ian Leighfield
My PC Backup
The full marketing and sales process is housed and managed in one location, meaning the customer journey from click-to-close is completely customizable and transparent.
Nick Jackson
Park View Credit
Keep in Touch
We make interaction simple. Fortifi gives you unprecedented levels of control over your interaction with both existing and new clients. Configure, target and contact your audience to communicate the best promotions, responders and transactional emails to increase your chances of conversion.
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Receive Payments Online
Our specialized billing platform allows you to manage all your subscriptions and ensure payments are received on time. Customer invoicing and all of your other financials are ready, straight out of the box.
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Be there 24/7
Providing around the clock support for your clients can be challenging. Fortifi adds automation and intelligent priority lists to ensure you keep on top of your support targets. With a customer’s full support history at a click of a button, the focus is kept on keeping your customer base happy.
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