CRM with Fortifi
Fortifi makes your Customer Relationship Management process quicker and easier to manage, providing features including product management, invoicing, fraud protection and more.
Build relationships with your clients
With Fortifi’s core CRM, it’s easy to keep on top of your relationships. Helping you keep track of your history with your clients, you are able to make sure you stay connected, maintaining a high level of professionalism. Fortifi can help you stay on top of your customer retention.
Comprehensive CRM software
Customer Details
Custom Properties
Billing History
Support History
CRM Features
Customer Details
Store your customers essential information in one place, easily accessible and easy to update.
Payment Information
Invoices, refunds, transactions and payment methods are all stored against a customer, so all the information you need about their purchase history is immediately available.
Easy to access history
From purchase history to notes, to significant dates, the history of your customer base is easily accessible.
Support Information
Every support contact with your customer is stored in their Support History making this easy to access and get a full picture of the interactions with that customer over time.
Custom Properties
Create custom properties to store the information you want to know about your customers. You can use these properties to filter Messenger campaigns so your customers are receiving the information and promotions relevant to them.
Internal Notes
Allow departments to keep each other up to date with the history of your client contacts and store notes about the contact to increase the relationship on subsequent contact.
Billing Information
Keep track of all customer orders as well as active and ended subscriptions and purchases. Information about a customers billing history are immediately available in one place.
Create custom polymers for customers and assign attributes and properties to these. Being completely customizable you can store the specific information required.
Simplify your business