Features of Fortifi
Fortifi offers in depth tools to automate, categorize, notify and increase productivity for your business in intuitive and easy to setup features.
Automate your processes
Ensuring the right action occurs at the right time is crucial for productivity. Fortifi has a range of features and tools to help streamline and automate many elements of your business.
Features for efficiency and flexibility
API Access
Event Triggers
Fortifi Features
Our multi level setup allows you to keep on top of multiple brands within a Fortifi Organisation. This allows you to report on and run multiple companies through Fortifi, setting policies and settings individually on each.
Departments and Teams
Group your employees into teams and departments to control data access and improve efficiency, ensuring employees only have access to the areas they need.
With in built system roles and the option to define custom roles, you can completely determine the access each employee has to different areas of the system.
API Access
Our API access allows for full scale customizability of your system, meaning you can plug in any systems you are currently using as well as offering a huge amount of control over all items in Fortifi.
Create custom tags and use these to group everything from support tickets to Advertisers, allowing you to group things from separate products.
The flagging system allows users to flag many items within the system from Customers to Messages, defining the flag as they do so. These items are then displayed on that employees home page within Fortifi allowing quick access to them.
Add notes to customers, tickets, orders, anywhere you might need them. Listed in a timeline format with the author recorded, its easy to see who created the note and why.
Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
We offer several different styles of multi factor auth, with failovers on legacy systems, to keep your accounts secure.
Event Triggers
System and Custom event triggers allow you to sort your customer preferences automatically and create events to tie into your targeted marketing campaigns.
Define automated workflows based on system events such as an email being received, creating a support ticket or an Order created in Billing. Use in depth rules and actions to completely automate your process on these events
Password Policies
Define in depth password requirement policies, including minimum length, including symbols, including numbers, adding security words and more such as allowing password sequencing or common weak passwords.
Securely send to information in a webhook to an IP address defined by you, for any event in Fortifi from customers being created to an Order being completed. You can use the information from these webhooks to update your own database or change the output on a customer portal.
Password Expiry
Set custom expiry times in number of days for your passwords, customized differently for Administrators, Employees and Advertisers.
IP Restriction
Secure your system by only granting access to certain IP addresses and blocking others, ensure only the correct networks can access your account.
Restricted Google Registration
Determine the domains you are willing to accept registration from, allowing your employees to register with Fortifi using their Google email address.
Simplify your business