Marketing with Fortifi
Fortifi allows you to build automated workflows for many day-to-day marketing tasks, giving you time to focus on business growth.
Know Your Sources
Fortifi provides a super-fast tracking system, to allow you to track all of your traffic sources and ensure you spend your marketing budget on the highest converting campaigns.
Comprehensive Marketing software
Advertiser Tracking
Commission Structures
Allocate Spending
Advertiser Dashboard
Marketing Features
Detailed Reporting
Analyze your traffic in real-time, right down to the zip code of a click.
Fraud Prevention
Automated tools to protect you against affiliate & sub affiliate fraud.
Pay your advertisers straight from your Fortifi control panel, with printable invoices.
Pixels & Postback
Allow your advertisers to enter their own pixels for you to approve, to trigger for specific actions or sub ids.
Advertiser Tracking
Track all of your traffic sources through our super-fast tracking system.
Advertiser Signup
Accept new advertisers with our signup form and approval system.
Advertiser Dashboard
Give your advertisers their very own dashboard to access and view reports and actions you define, using custom visibility settings.
Coupon Code Tracking
Track offline advertisers with our coupon code allocation.
Detailed Event Data
Store custom meta-data against any events, alongside our already detailed breakdown of every event.
Device Targeting
Target any Browser, Operating System and Platform in real time
Geo Targeting
Target your visitors based on their location, right down to the zip code.
Dynamic Redirection
Dynamically redirect your visitors to the page best suited to them based on any attribute you can think of.
Custom Events
Create as many inbound and background events as you need to generate a full view into your sales pipeline.
Advertiser Domains
Track advertisers without the need for any tracking links.
Cost Import
Import marketing costs from other sources e.g. PPC & Networks onto your historic events.
Multiple Commission Structures
Set commissions for each action, or country to track marketing cost effectively.
Tax Forms
Optionally enabling in built tax forms will keep you compliant and ensure paychecks are not paid to Advertises until these are complete.
Set policies against foundations and add Advertisers to these, enabling you to apply polices and standards to multiple advertisers quickly and easily.
Test IPs
Define your test IPs so traffic from these are marked as tests and not factored into reports and stats
Simplify your business