Support with Fortifi
Fortifi support allows you to define custom SLA's, organise tickets into departments and queues, automate ticket priority dynamically using Fortifi workflows, and more.
Be there 24/7
Providing around the clock support for your clients can be challenging. Fortifi adds automation and intelligent priorities to ensure you keep on top of your support targets. With the option of a customer’s full support history at a click of a button, the focus is kept on keeping your customer base happy.
Comprehensive Support software
Live Chat
Knowledge Base
Quality Assurance
Call Logging
Support Features
Ticket Locking
See who is viewing a ticket, and restrict agents from working on the same ticket.
Smart Lists
Your tickets, but in the order you need to work on them.
Canned Responses
Stop wasting time sending the same responses. Fortifi provides dynamic templates to build a better response, quickly.
Create workflows to build a dynamic priority for your tickets, so your agents know the importance of a ticket to your business.
Live Chat
Talk to your customers in real-time to get quick questions solved.
Accept support tickets over api or email, with automated customer allocation.
Knowledge Base
Build and maintain a searchable and categorized Knowledge Base to give your customers the data they need to solve their questions.
Quality Assurance
Keep on top of your agent performance, and do not let support quality drop.
Departments & Queues
Organize tickets into departments & queues, to provide the correct tickets to your employees.
Service Level Agreements
Set response and resolve targets on your tickets, to ensure you stay on top of targets.
Simplify your business