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Fortifi gives you access to the tools you need to control every aspect of your business, from the first contact with potential customers, through to purchase, and customer support.

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Fortifi Marketing

Affiliate Management

Run your affiliate marketing programmes with all the tools you need in a single software solution.

Affiliate Control Panel

Delight your affiliates with their own control panel where they can view and manage their campaigns. 

Fraud Prevention

Prevent affiliate fraud with a choice of tools designed to detect and notify on abnormal campaign behaviour.

Measure Your Return of Investment

Justify your marketing spend by tracking and reporting on the results of your campaigns. 

Fortifi CRM

Customer Relationship Management

Manage all your prospect and customer data to drive sales and retention.  

Unrivalled Customisation

Get greater insights into your customers by assigning personal attributes and preferences. 

Team Collaboration

Work together as one team with the tools you need to share vital customer data across departments. 

Fortifi Messenger

Email Campaigns

Design and send compelling email campaigns with ease using a range of automation and scheduling tools.


Automate and schedule your email communications to nurture customers through the customer journey.

Ensure GDPR Compliance

Send opt-in/out forms to your email list to ensure you are fully compliant to the latest GDPR standards.

Segment Your Email Campaigns

Personalise your email campaigns to return greater open rates, fewer bounces and a better customer experience.

Fortifi Billing

Order Management

Manage your orders and keep up to date with progress, from approval through to completion.

Subscription Billing

Run multiple billing cycles and plans with ease using Fortifi Billing's subscription management features.

Invoicing Software

Create and send professional invoices to your customers in a matter of seconds. 

Payment Methods

Offer your customers multiple payment options, from online card payments to payment gateways solutions.

Fraud Protection

Automate your fraud process to ensure your payments are secure to reduce revenue loss and time wastage.

Payment Routing

Route your payments to the best merchant depending on currency and cycle you are offering.

Product Management

Add your products and services to Fortifi, manage prices in different currencies, set any setup or early transaction fees and set tax rates with ease.

Billing Insights and Analytics

Review in-depth and real-time reports on your orders to assess growth and profits.

Fortifi Support

Ticket Management

Keep track of customer enquiries using support tickets in a single inbox for greater transparency and accountability.

Service Level Agreements

Create and monitor customer SLAs against enquiries, so that you never miss a reply. 

Live Chat

Connect with your website visitors in real-time using Fortifi Live Chat's instant messenger.

Knowledge Base

Unlock your agents potential and provide a self-service 24/7 help desk with your own branded knowledge base.

Remote Support Software

Are you an IT Support company looking to connect with customer devices, no matter where they are in the world?

Telephone Support

Connect Fortifi to your Twilio account to streamline your communications across your business.

Customer Support Insights

Achieve a greater customer experience by pinpointing areas of improvement in your customer service processes.