Optimise your marketing to drive traffic and revenue

Manage and track your marketing to take full control over your traffic to maximise every campaign. 

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Take your performance marketing to the next level

Whether you are an affiliate manager looking to track and optimise your programmes, an advertising agency looking to validate your data, or a marketing manager looking to take control of your in-house campaign performance, Fortifi Marketing has a solution for you.

Fortifi's superior link tracking capabilities give your marketing team the competitive edge they need to develop effective campaigns and to get a full view of the customer journey. 

Manage Your Affiliate Marketing Programmes

Affiliate Management

Manage and grow your affiliate marketing programmes from one intelligent platform. 

Superior Fraud Detection

Protect yourself against affiliate fraud behaviour with a range of innovative tools to give you peace of mind.

Publisher Control Panel

Improve relationships with affiliates by giving them access to their own publisher control panel.

Optimise Your In-House Marketing Campaigns

Measure Marketing ROI

Create trackable links that you can use in your marketing campaigns to measure return of investment.

Marketing Campaigns

Manage and review the performance of your marketing campaigns with Fortifi's superior link tracking capabilities.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Monitor your contacts across every stage of the customer journey, from first engagement through to purchase.

" Fortifi gives us the information we need to be able to optimise our marking to the next level. Providing unparalleled data to allow us to run efficiently and profitably. "

Ian Leighfield, My PC Backup

More Ways To Grow Your Business

Fortifi CRM

Store your customer data in one central hub to get full insights into your customer journey. 

Fortifi Messenger

Keep in touch with your affiliates and send targeted email campaigns to your contacts.

Fortifi Billing

Manage your orders, run subscriptions, and make sure you get paid on time, every time.