Fortifi for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

From your sales and marketing teams, to your billing and customer support, Fortifi takes control of your entire business and brings it all under one roof.

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Common Problems in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Dangerous data silos

As businesses grow, vital customer data is stored in departments and the software platforms they are using. This data is often then not shared across the rest of organisation, and team members often miss out vital bits of information from the customer journey.

Your business needs to keep all of your customer data stored together for every department to use so they can create a unified customer experience.

Multiple costly monthly payments

In most businesses, they will purchase software for their sales, marketing, support and billing need from individual providers. This results in very costly outgoings and calling up several different providers when you need help.

You need a software platform that incorporates every aspect of your business together in one place, for a single monthly cost. 

How Fortifi Solves Your Problems

Store your customer records

Build strong relationships with your customers by storing every detail on them in Fortifi’s central repository.

Minimise wasted time spent on manual data entry by collecting leads from your website, from your email newsletter list and more with Fortifi CRM.

Run promotional campaigns

Produce targeted email campaigns with Fortifi’s endless personalisation tools that allow you segment your contact database like never before.

Ensure GDPR compliance with opt in/opt out forms and continually improve on your marketing performance with insightful reporting in Fortifi Messenger.

Gain insights into your customer journey

Give your marketing team the tools they need to manage and optimise the touchpoints in your marketing funnel to improve customer experience.

Get insights into how your contacts interact with your marketing activities on their route to purchase so you can continually improve performance and produce the best results.  

Automate your payment processes

Make getting paid a breeze with Fortifi’s billing software that handles everything from order management, repeat subscriptions, online payments and refunds.

Protect yourself against fraud and maximise your full sales potential with the help of Fortifi’s full range of payment tools. 

Provide a seamless customer experience

Streamline your communications and provide a memorable customer service with ticket management, live chat and knowledge base features in Fortifi Support.

Connect with customers in real-time with live chat, organise incoming customer support enquiries and provide a self-service 24/7 support hub with tools from Fortifi. 

Streamline data across all your departments

Unite departments across your entire organisation. Reduce data silos and improve the customer experience by giving your teams all the data they need to be productive and efficient.

With Fortifi, you don’t need to invest in multiple software solutions. Save resource by training all your staff on a single platform and keep data stored in one, secure location.