Fortifi for Affiliate Management

Fortifi takes full control over your affiliate management process, from welcoming new affiliates, to paying sales commission. 

Stop paying for hefty affiliate network fees to track your affiliate campaigns and bring it all in-house with Fortifi’s full range of intelligent marketing tools.

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Common Problems for Affiliate Managers

High costs for affiliate networks

When you are using affiliate networks, you are often paying high fees to get access to the tools you need to run your campaigns.

With Fortifi, you can bring your entire affiliate management process in-house, cutting out network fees by creating your own affiliate links, managing your own materials and generating your own reports.

Linking sales to the rest of your business.

To register a sale against a customer that was generated from an affiliate campaign, you often have to integrate your affiliate marketing platform with your CRM. This means you are paying for another set of software.

By using a platform that incorporates your entire business into your affiliate solution, you can easily track and and report on sales generated from affiliates. 

How Fortifi Solves Your Problems


Recruit your army of affiliates

Invite new affiliates to your team with Fortifi’s simple signup form.

Accept affiliates either manually through an invite URL, or through Fortifi’s API with online sign up. Share the link across your networks and make this available on your website to start growing your reach.

Make sure your affiliates are approved

You want the best affiliates on your programme.

Review and accept affiliate submissions straight from your marketing dashboard so you see the best results from your campaigns.

Affiliate dashboard

Give affiliates the power to drive more traffic to your site. With Fortifi, you can give your affiliates their very own dashboard.

Your affiliates can review their performance and create their own campaigns for use in new landing pages or blogs, without going through you. 

Fortifi tracks over 2 million clicks and conversions per month, giving affiliate managers complete control over their campaigns, keeping them at the very top of their game.


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Track your traffic and sales

Instead of paying fees to affiliate networks to get your tracking links, Fortifi allows you to generate links in-house.

Use Fortifi’s dashboard to track your clicks, leads and conversions so you know how your affiliates are performing in an instant.

Keep your affiliates in the loop

Grow relationships with your affiliates by keeping in contact with personalised emails.

Send your affiliates details on your latest promotions, products and services so they are kept up to date with your latest marketing campaigns.

Pay your affiliate commission

Make sure your affiliates get paid for the revenue they drive to your business with Fortifi’s simple payment tools.

Define payouts for conversions or actions so you can track your costs against the campaigns you are investing in. Save valuable time by setting up customisable payment policies so that payments to affiliates are automatically generated.

Let affiliates know when they get an order

Set up automated emails that are sent out when you get a sale from an affiliate, letting Fortifi handle everything whilst you get on with running campaigns.

Keep your affiliates updated on their performance by letting them know when you get an order off the back of their campaigns.

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