Fortifi Integrations

Get more out of Fortifi by partnering with the apps you know and love.


Fortifi makes it easier to increase productivity and collaboration by integrating with your favourite apps and add-ons. 

General Integrations


Fortifi offers full integration with Google one-click sign, ensuring a securing login process.


Geckoboard provides clear and effective data dashboards for your business. Integrate with Fortifi to build live KPI dashboards using key Fortifi metrics for your entire team to see and understand.


Integration with Slack allows you to automatically forward notifications in Fortifi to Slack so that you never miss a notification.

Billing Integrations


Integrating Paypal with Fortifi allows you to receive and send money from your customers securely and quickly.


Stripe’s integration with Fortifi allows you to seamlessly accept online payments in Fortifi Billing.


MaxMind's integration with Fortifi provides secure, online fraud management throughout your entire billing processes.


Accept payments and grow your revenue with Paysafe’s payment solutions. Integrate with Fortifi to accept payments with a simple and secure solution.


CyberSource integrates with Fortifi to manage your fraud detection and prevention. Utilise risk scores and suggested actions on transactions to ensure greater fraud protection.


Coinbase is a secure online platform making it easy to buy, use and accept bitcoin currency., payment processing and payment management service software integrates with Fortifi to make billing your customers easier.


Integration with Worldpay allows you to process credit cards directly from Fortifi.  

Messenger Integrations


Integrating SendGrid with Fortifi allows you to engage with a huge amount of customers and leads by sending automated and personalised emails.


An all-in-one email service provider, integrating Mailjet with Fortifi Messenger allows you to send triggered email campaigns and more.


Mandrill integration allows you to send transactional emails directly from Fortifi.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services integrates with Fortifi allowing you to send emails campaigns directly from Fortifi.


Support Integrations


Answer phone calls straight from Fortifi through integration with Twilio, and view detailed reporting on call KPIs to monitor performance. 


Connect with your customers devices remotely to troubleshoot and resolve issues wherever they are in the world.