Fortifi for Software Companies

Fortifi takes care of everything from welcoming new contacts, running multiple subscription models and providing stellar customer support, to make your life easier.

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Common Problems in Software Teams

Managing complicated payment methods

Subscription billing can get complicated with the amount of plans, payment periods and add-ons that are involved.  

Your business needs a software solution that handles every part of the billing process, giving you peace of mind that you are going to get paid on time.  

Onboarding and nurturing customers

The moment a customer signs up for your software, you need to guide them through the process of getting started on your platform.

You will never have the time or resource to email each customer individually, so you need to use a platform that allows you to automate the entire process.

Providing exceptional customer support

Often what sets software companies apart, is the level of support that is provided to customers when they need it the most. 

You need a customer support software solution that allows you to set different SLAs on customer service levels, departments and email topics.

How Fortifi Solves Your Problems

Welcome new prospects and customers

When a new contact is added to your CRM, from your website, email list sign ups or manually, Fortifi allows you to set up autoresponders that can welcome the new individual to your company.

Send powerful promotions

Create promotional codes that can be used to get a free month or percentage discount each month of your software. Send these new user promotions through automated emails in Fortifi Messenger. 

Track the results of your email marketing

Not only can you track the results of your email campaigns using metrics such as open rates and bounce rates, using Fortifi Messenger’s reporting, your team can also monitor the response each individual has with your emails over the entire customer journey.

Use Fortifi Marketing to track each of your contacts as they engage with your communications, all the way through to purchase.

Make sure you get paid on time

Set up all of your payment plans in Fortifi Billing and allow your customers to choose from those plans using a variety of different payment methods.

Fortifi handles all of the billing procedures, from fraud protection, dependent and prorated subscriptions, giving you peace of mind that you will get paid for the product you are providing.

Provide consistent, memorable customer support

Fortifi handles all of your customer requests and re-directs them into one, easy to handle inbox.

Manage your service level agreements, set priorities and define queues for your feature requests, support requests and your sales enquiries, so you never miss a reply again.

Continue to engage with your customers

Make sure you don’t neglect your customers, just because they have purchased from you.

Automate email campaigns to help you upsell and cross-sell your products, provide loyalty discounts and continue to build a relationship with your customers.