Fortifi for IT Support Companies

Fortifi empowers your IT Support Company to provide the best levels of customer service by giving you the tools you need to connect with customers and show off your expertise.

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Common Problems in IT Support Teams

Meeting SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

You are likely to have multiple SLAs (Service Level Agreements) based on customer, the level of support and the nature of the enquiry.

You need a customer support platform that allows you to set and monitor your SLAs against a variety of different topics and actions.

Supporting customers across the globe

Your customers may not be stationed round the corner, of they may be on their laptop working overseas. 

You need to be able to access their device anywhere, anytime to resolve their problems with ease.

Managing multiple payment options

Your business may offer monthly recurring payments for maintenance and support, but also offer one off costs for call outs and extra work. 

You need to provide multiple payment options for your customers, and your billing software needs to help you do this.

How Fortifi Solves Your Problems

Convert incoming emails into tickets

Bring all your email enquiries into one, intuitive mailbox.

By converting emails into tickets, Fortifi simplifies your workload by removing multiple inboxes and ensuring you never miss a reply again. 

Manage your service level agreements

As an IT Support company, you are likely to have agreed response times with many of your customers.

Fortifi allows you to easily track your SLA’s based on the customer, the topic of conversation or department, so you know what enquiries are a priority. 

Get deeper insights into your customers

Any purchases and communications you have with your customers are automatically stored in the customer profile in your CRM.

Fortifi makes it easy to provide a more personalised experience, so when a customer sends you an enquiry, you have every bit of information available on them available in an instant.

Provide remote support with customers across the globe

Build customer confidence by providing next level support with ConnectWise and Fortifi.

Integrate with your ConnectWise account to launch remote sessions from within Fortifi, and securely connect with customers to troubleshoot and control devices to resolve problems with ease.

Sessions are recorded against the customer account page in your CRM and insights can be taken from reporting produced by Fortifi.

Get paid for your work with ease

Whether you are charging for a one-off payment, or supplying a monthly maintenance plan, Fortifi allows you to charge based on the services you provide using multiple payment methods.

Fortifi automates your recurring billing charges and you can store all your products and services in Fortifi, for quick and easy invoicing creation.