Fortifi for Call Centres

Fortifi allows you to take full control over your customer service by giving you the tools you need to provide a memorable customer experience.

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Common Problems in Call Centres 

Providing a memorable customer service

At your call centre, providing the best service experience to your customers should be your top priority. 

You need a platform that logs previous conversations and shows agents who is calling before they pick up the phone, so that they can provide a seamless customer experience.

Streamlining all your vital customer data

How helpful would it be for your agents to know every bit of detail on the person on the other end of the phone, in a matter of seconds.

Provide your agents with the tools they need to instantly see previous communications, customer orders and notes left by other team members. 

Monitoring and improving performance

Your call centre should always be looking for ways to improve team performance and increase customer satisfaction rates.

A software solution that can give Managers all the actionable insights they need to develop their team is vital to increasing the overall customer experience with your brand.

How Fortifi Solves Your Problems

Streamline you telephone support

Fortifi’s integration with Twilio makes it easy for your agents to provide an outstanding customer service in your call centre.

With one-click calling from your desktop and caller verification questions, Fortifi makes it easy to run your customer service department.

Personalised call handling

By storing your customers on your Fortifi CRM, your agents can know who is calling before they pick up the phone.

View all your previous communications at an instance in the caller panel, allowing your agents to provide a personalised and memorable customer experience.

Reporting and KPI monitoring for Managers

By connecting your Twilio account, Fortifi takes the data from your calls and creates insightful and actionable reports.

Get deep reporting into KPIs such as missed and answered calls, average waiting time and agent availability, using intuitive dashboards in Fortifi.