Our Story

Back in 2014, our founders had spent seven years architecting and building various software components to meet the needs of multiple online properties. They decided there had to be a better and easier way to provide businesses with everything they needed to run their organisation.

Their idea was to build a single, centralised business platform consisting of a customer relationship management, customer support, marketing, and billing system, that could be plugged into any website, for any business, of any size, to gain incredible value from.

The result was a system that allows our customers to look after as many of the elements of their business as possible, whilst keeping a simple and easy to use interface, with unrivalled level of customisation.

With a core team of system engineers who have been with us since day one, we are able to build specific elements for our customers, should they need something that isn’t yet available within Fortifi.

Why We Do, What We Do

Power in Data

Fortifi gives your business unprecedented access to vast amounts of data and insights generated from your daily activities across sales, marketing, customer support and billing, using intuitive single view dashboards and deep reporting facilities. 

Instead of bringing data together from different platforms, Fortifi gives you every bit of data on your business and activities, in one place. 

Power in People

Fortifi is built for collaboration across your entire organisation. We believe everyone in your business should be working off the same platform so that you don't waste money on training, and can provide the best customer experience possible.

From your accounts department, to your marketing and customer support, Fortifi brings everyone in your business together.

Power in Security

You are trusting Fortifi with your data, so we have built Fortifi to keep your data safe and secure. 

Multi factor authentication, PCI compliant card encryptions, configurable password policies and secure access via IP restriction are just some of the ways we are dedicated to providing the highest level of data protection for our customers. 

Power in Success

Fortifi is designed with your success in mind, so that as your business grows, the software grows with you.

We have an inspiring team of developers dedicated to innovating the latest tools and features for our customers. 

We are dedicated to your success. Our customers shape the way our platform is built and developed.