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Build stronger relationships, create better customer experiences and work together as one team with Fortifi CRM. 

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Build successful relationships and make more sales.

With Fortifi CRM, it’s easy to create, retain and deepen your relationships.

Efficient lead management starts by knowing you prospects and customers at every stage. Create a unique profile for each of your contacts and Fortifi helps you keep track of their entire order history, interactions and communications with your brand, all in one place. 

Fortifi's online CRM eliminates long sales processes, enriches the customer experience, and encourages you to make smarter decisions by using vital customer data stored at your fingertips.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management helps businesses understand why and how people buy from them. By gathering data from customer touchpoints, such as web forms, email engagements and orders, businesses can understand where a customer came from and highlight their most valuable routes to purchase.

A CRM software gives you the data your business needs to understand how to keep the most profitable customers returning to you, using what you know about existing customers to help better understand the potential of prospects.

Manage everything on your prospects and customers


Relationship Management

Easily manage your contacts by storing vital information in one place.

Team Collaboration

Facilitate a better alignment between key departments in your organisation.

Unrivalled Customisation

Create unlimited levels of attributes and preferences against your contacts.

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Fortifi Messenger

Deliver engaging and targeted email marketing campaigns with unlimited levels of personalisation.

Fortifi Billing

From order management, fraud protection to subscription billing, Fortifi makes sure you get paid on time.

Fortifi Support

Manage your customer enquiries in one place to provide an exceptional customer experience.