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Here at Fortifi, we have designed our explorer pricing model for freelancers and early stage startups to manage and develop their growing business. 

We believe you should be paying for what you use, instead of overpaying for what you don’t.


$ 9.99 /mo
1 User
1,000 Customers
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Can I change my plan?

Of course!

You can change your plan at anytime and your billing cycle will be adjusted on a prorated basis. 

What is a Action?

An action in Fortifi Marketing is any click on a generated trackable link.

What is a Conversion?

A conversion in Fortifi Marketing is a click that converts to a sale. 

What is included in Emails?

Your plan inclusion of emails is any email you send in Fortifi, from sending autoresponders to email campaigns.

What is an Interaction?

In Fortifi Support, an interaction is any support ticket, live chat conversation, telephone call and remote support session.