Intelligent order management

From approval, through to completion, Fortifi’s intuitive interface gives you all the information you need on your orders, in one place. 

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View every stage of the order process from a single screen

Get instant access to every bit of information on your orders using Fortifi's intelligent order dashboard. 

Easily view the live progress of an order using the interactive status bar that informs you at which stage the order is currently in. Inclusive of a live activity feed, fraud checks, notes, relevant communications and payment information, Fortifi's order dashboard gives you all the data you need to know in an instant so you know when you are going to get paid. 

Keep track of your orders

Log and track every order through each stage of the customer lifecycle in a complete, online billing platform.

You can view data on the order progress, fraud check status, communications linked to an order and more, so you can be kept in the loop and know when you are going to next get paid.

Superior fraud detection

Fraud protection is an integral part of your billing process as it ensures your payments are secure and you are kept updated to new threats. 

Fortifi integrates with the top fraud protection tools, including Maxmind and Cybersource, to give you full, enterprise level control over your fraud protection process. Reduce revenue loss and stay on top of the latest fraud patterns with a simple, innovative set of detection and prevention tools. 

Visuals and data returned from the fraud providers allow your fraud teams to make faster and clearer decisions on future rules and performance.

Arrange credits and refunds

Diffuse conflict and correct your mistakes quickly and professionally with Fortifi Billing.

Easily issue credit notes, give credit for future purchases, and arrange full and partial refunds.

Test Gateways

Set up dummy gateways to test your order flow and fraud integrations.

It is imperative to test changes in your workflows and for testing new payment methods. You can achieve complete end-to-end testing with Fortifi’s test gateway tools.

Delight customers with discounts

Easily create coupons for either fixed amounts (£10 off) or percentage based (50% off), for custom durations.

Whether you set the promotions on individual products and services, or send to certain customers, using Fortifi allows you to track the number of times the coupon has been redeemed so you can improve future promotional campaigns.

View customer orders instantly

Whether it is a sales rep checking up on their customer order, or a support agent viewing previous orders in order to provide a better customer experience, Fortifi automatically logs details and status in your Fortifi CRM for quick and easy access when it's needed. 

More ways to grow your business

Subscription Management

Provide subscriptions based on any billing cycle, including prorated and dependent models.

Reports and Insights

Get vital data on your transactions, renewals and churn rates with intuitive reports. 

Create Professional Invoices

Design and send professional invoices with your business branding, to your customers.