Maximise revenue with flexible subscription billing

Reduce churn rates, increase customer lifetime value and develop stronger relationships with Fortifi’s Subscription Management tools. 

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Scale your business with ease with automated subscription billing software

Roll out and manage new subscriptions with flexible billing models and frequencies in Fortifi's complete billing suite. 

The most successful subscription businesses provide a memorable customer experience so that long-term, meaningful relationships can be created. 

With the amount of choice available in markets today, potential customers can easily flick between one provider to the next. Ensuring your subscription service is the best it can be, is the first step in ensuring your customers don't switch to competitors. 

Manage and track subscriptions

Manage and scale your subscriptions with ease, using Fortifi’s full feature set of tools that make billing your customer easy.

Create prices in multiple currencies, over different billing cycles and set custom reasons for cancellation, suspension and refunds.

Manage Prorated Subscriptions

Provide your customers with the flexibility they want from their subscriptions.

If your customer switches plans in the middle of a billing period, Fortifi adjusts the bill amount to ensure that both you get paid the right amount, and your customer is charged accurately. 

Manage your customer relationships

Quickly and easily access plan changing, billing history, renewal dates and more from your Fortifi CRM.

Access a customer account and view all of the details around their subscriptions, so you can provide a more personalised experience in the future.

Automate suspension and cancellation of unpaid subscriptions

Save your business valuable processing time by defining auto-cancel, auto-suspend and auto-charge policies and periods.

Delight customers with discounts

Easily create coupons for either fixed amounts (£10 off) or percentage based (50% off), for custom durations.

Whether you set the promotions on individual products or services or to certain types of customers, using Fortifi allows you to track the number of times the coupon has been redeemed and improve performance on future promotions.

Dependent Subscriptions 

Your business may sell subscriptions which are dependent on a main subscription. This could be a support plan on a security software subscription, for example. 

If a subscription that has dependencies is cancelled, you can choose to cancel all dependent subscriptions or keep dependent subscriptions running. If a main subscription is not paid, Fortifi will not charge a renewal for any of its dependent subscriptions.


Send professional, branded invoices

Let you customers know how they are going to be billed with accurate and professionally branded invoices.

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Provide a stellar onboarding experience with automated communications in Fortifi.

Order Management

Know what is going on with all your orders, from payment status to fraud detection updates.

Gain Vital Insights

Receive data from your renewal and churn rates to help spot areas for improvement and growth.