Get a deeper understanding of your customers

Customise your customer accounts with unlimited levels of custom properties and attribute.

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Unrivaled customisation of your contacts and processes. 

Flexible and customisable, Fortifi is developed to work for your business, so you can filter and target your contacts based on their own personal preferences. Easily sort your contacts by prospects, customers and an unlimited set of filters that are relevant to your business. 

Customise your contacts

Assign attributes and properties to your contacts to allow for complete customisation of your CRM.

Store specific information relevant to a particular contact, anything from product interests to personal preferences and hobbies. Create as many attributes as you wish to fully customise and target your contact list.

Sort by labels and smart filters

Fortifi allows you to sort your contacts using over 50 smart filters, from lifecycle stage, to location and purchases. 

With labels, you can create groups of contacts that share a common identification. Whether you want to see contacts you gathered from a marketing event or those who celebrate a specific holiday. This form of tagging makes it easy to identify target customers and works as powerful segmentation tool in your email marketing campaigns.

Personalise your marketing

You can use these attributes and filters to personalise your Fortifi Messenger email campaigns, to ensure your customers receive and engage with information and promotions that are most relevant and targeted to them.

More Ways To Grow Your Business

Relationship Management

Get to know your customers in greater detail than ever before with complete customer history available just a click away. 

Team Collaboration

Work together as a team to create memorable customer experiences and share updates with ease.