Telephone Support

Seamless integration with Twilio lets your agents handle all incoming customer calls from your desktop.

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Streamline your telephone communications with Twilio and Fortifi 

Don't come away from what you are doing and reach out to a phone when you answer a call. Accept phone calls directly from Fortifi in just one click. 

Make running telephone support easy

Fortifi’s integration with Twilio allows you to record calls, set greetings and route calls to the right departments and agents to make running your customer support experience the best it can be.

Receive calls directly from your desktop

The Fortifi and Twilio integration allows you to answer calls from wherever you are in Fortifi.

Agents will see instant customer information when a call is received and whilst in the call, can continue to use all of Fortifi, reducing disruption and giving you complete access when needed.

Log your calls

Telephone calls with customers are logged in your Fortifi CRM customer account, making it easy and quick to view previous conversations.

KPI monitoring and reporting

Fortifi’s single view dashboard allows you to get a full overview of your support teams performance and valuable data including:

- Agent Availability 
- Missed / Answered  Calls 
- Waiting Calls
- Average Wait Time and Longest Wait Time

Are you a Call Centre Manager?

See how Fortifi can help you increase efficiency in your team and provide a memorable customer experience. 

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