Track the full customer journey with Multi-Touch Attribution

Track your contacts as they pass through various touchpoints to measure ROI on your marketing efforts.

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What is Multi-Touch Attribution?

Your customers pass through a multitude of different touchpoints throughout their journey to purchase.

Multi-touch attribution is the method of measurement that evaluates these touchpoints and their impact on traffic and conversions. Determining the value of a specific touchpoint is vital in marketing as it allows marketers to invest more in the touchpoints that do drive revenue, and to improve on those that don’t.

Transform anonymous visitors, into loyal customers

Collect and evaluate customer journey data, from first click to sale, using multi-touch attribution in Fortifi.

No longer remain in the dark about vital parts of the customer journey. Intelligence gathered from Fortifi Marketing allows your marketing team to boost campaign performance and drive sales.

Device & location targeting

Target your visitors by any device, operating system or browser in real-time.

Geo target your campaigns by language and location, right down to the zip code.

Coupon code tracking

Some of your publishers may not use traditional tracking methods or are unable to use affiliate links on their platforms, so Fortifi allows you to easily create and distribute exclusive coupon codes.

By giving coupon codes, transactions can still be tracked, even in if no affiliate cookie is present on the page. 

Dynamic URL Redirection

Take even more control over your traffic and links.

Dynamically redirect visitors to landing pages best suited to them based on any attribute, from campaign type to the affiliate. 

More Ways To Grow Your Business

Affiliate Marketing

Set up and manage affiliate marketing programmes, with Fortifi’s full suite of intuitive tools.

Track Return of Investment

Measure the return from your paid marketing channels and make vital decisions on future campaigns.

Run Marketing Campaigns

Optimise your in-house marketing channels to drive more traffic and see better return of investment.