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What Are Autoresponders?

Sequences of automated emails, autoresponders help convert subscribers into paying customers using automation and scheduling tools.

Triggered from a specific action that you have defined, this could be from an email list signup, or a free trial signup. These emails are designed to nurture your contacts through initial stages of purchase or to convert prospects to paying customers. An example could be a welcome email after signing up for your mailing list. A week later, you may set up another email that is sent with an informative piece of content, and another two weeks later with a promotion.

Autoresponders mean that a lot of your marketing is automated, giving you more time to get on with the more important things. You don’t need to worry about what happens when you get a new email list sign up. Once you have set up your autoresponders, Fortifi handles the time consuming work for you.

Nurture your leads from the outset

Create meaningful communications with your subscribers from the very first email.

From email list sign-up to product purchase, autoresponders ensure you are engaging with your contacts over the entire customer journey.

Engage with contacts throughout their journey to purchase

As your contact progresses through the customer journey, your messaging needs to change.

Easily set up autoresponders to be sent out based on their actions, their position through the sales lifecycle and their new interests. All of this is done automatically in Fortifi, so your contacts see continued engagement across the entire customer journey, removing the hard work for you. 

Don’t miss an event

Autoresponders allow you to plan out your messages in advance, whether it be for a seasonal holiday sale or an onboarding process, send the right emails at the right time.

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Analytics and Reporting

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