Analytics and insights on your email campaigns

Discover improvement for your future marketing campaigns with detailed and real-time reports in Fortifi Messenger. 

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Monitor and report on your email campaigns to take your marketing to the next level

Analyse detailed insights on your campaigns, from click-through rates, to bounces and conversions, right down to the geographical location. 

From real-time reports to detailed and advanced reports, Fortifi Messenger comes packed with everything your marketing team need and monitor and report on your email campaigns with ease.

Make your marketing smarter

Drill down into open, bounce, and click through rates, whilst keeping track of which customers have signed up to receive certain types of emails.

Drill down even deeper into which link they clicked, when they clicked, their email provider and their zip code location. 

Monitor email campaign performance in real-time

Single view dashboards give you quick, live data into the message stats over the last 6 hours, 24 hours and 2 weeks.

Get instant access to the number of queued, sent and opened emails, as well as click throughs, unsubscribes, bounces and complaints. 

Complaint tracking

Improve relationship and reduce unsubscribe rates with complaint tracking features.

Pinpoint customers that have complained, and on what message they have reported on.

More Ways To Grow Your Business

Email Campaigns

Deliver email campaigns that reach the right people, in the right markets, with the right preferences, at the right time.

Segment Your Emails

Fortifi’s advanced segmentation filters allow you to send the most targeted emails possible.


Monitor and review marketing performance with reports that help you focus and improve.