Affiliate control panel

Delight your affiliates with access to their very own dashboard, where they can access your marketing tools and view reports and actions based on their performance.

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Give you affiliates access to everything they need to run successful campaigns and drive revenue for your business.

Get quick access to performance and pay checks

Give your affiliates access to their very own dashboard.

Your publishers can access and view reports and actions based on their performance.

Set terms and conditions

Before approval, ensure your affiliates agree and sign up to your terms and conditions.

Set these as you wish and make them available to your affiliates from their portal at all times.

Generate trackable links

Your affiliates can create trackable links, include their own SIDS and review their campaign performance with ease.

Full detailed reporting on affiliate performance

Your affiliates can view their leads, acquisitions and pending paychecks from a single dashboard, so they can easily keep track of their affiliate marketing activity with your business.

Pixels & Postback

Simplify your workflow by allowing your affiliates to enter their own pixels and postback in real-time for you to approve.

Give your affiliates peace of mind knowing that every click or action generated through their campaigns is recorded in Fortifi. Setting up their pixels and postbacks allows them to record their actions in their own marketing software.

Make their marketing easy

Your affiliates can create their own campaigns in the affiliate portal, allowing them to run multiple promotions at once.

Your affiliates can then view full reporting on their clicks, acquisitions and paychecks over select time periods from their promotions that drive your revenue.

Check commission rates

Your affiliates can view the commission rates you set on actions that are relevant to your business.

Set basic commission rates and bonuses based on actions you define.

Create and store banner ads

Store a library of your brands banner ads for your affiliates to use in their marketing.

Make it easy for your affiliates to search for the ads that work best for their campaigns and website with Fortifi Marketing


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