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All of the tools you need to smoothly run your affiliate marketing programmes. 

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Why do you need an affiliate marketing software?

Streamline your affiliate programme

You may already have an affiliate marketing programme in place, or be thinking about setting up one in the near future. Bringing your affiliates, campaigns and payouts under one roof, allows you to control all the entire affiliate journey, in one cost effective platform.

Nurture your affiliate relationships

From on boarding to commission payout, affiliate management software gives you all the tools you need to drive revenue and nurture relationships with your affiliates. Keep them in the loop by sending regular updates on product features, offers and orders with an email automation system.

Turn customers and influencers into your brand advocates 

Kick-start your affiliate marketing programme

Start your own affiliate programme instantly with Fortifi Marketing.

Signup, track and reward your affiliates in just a matter of steps. Create your own trackable links and monitor your results to start driving sales, increasing traffic and strengthening your SEO.

Recruit Your Affiliates

Add new affiliates with our simple signup form and approval system. Accept affiliates either manually through the dashboard, through an invite URL or through the API. Welcome your affiliates by setting up automated emails that build strong relationships using Fortifi Messenger.

The moment you join Fortifi, we provide your business it’s own affiliate sign-up page. Customised with your own logo, you can drive affiliates to a professional web page, so you can gain the information you need from your affiliates for approval.

Prevent Affiliate Fraud

Take immediate action on abnormal campaign behaviour with automated tools to protect yourself against revenue-impacting fraud.

From affiliate approval, to bot detection and custom policies on commissions, with Fortifi Marketing you can run your affiliate programme with peace of mind.

Multiple commission structures

Pay your affiliates using a payout structure that suits your business. You can choose from a range of:

- Percentage Payout
- Flat-Rate Payout
- Pay-per-click Commissioning
- Pay-per-lead Commissioning
- Action Commissioning 

Affiliate commission policies 

Define commission structures for individual affiliates based on every action that takes place. Create custom policies based on anything from country, browser type, days since lead, language and more. 

Keep affiliates in the loop

Use Fortifi's email marketing software to create, schedule and automate communications with your affiliates. 

Let them know when new product features are released, new promotions are offered and when they have created an order. Consistent communication helps you develop trusting and rewarding relationships with your affiliates.

Approve your affiliates

Ensuring you have the best affiliates on your programme is vital to your marketing success.

Easily review and accept your pending affiliates straight from marketing dashboard in Fortifi. 

Are you an affiliate manager?

See how Fortifi can help you manage your entire affiliate programme from one platform

More Ways To Grow Your Business

Affiliate Control Panel

Provide your affiliates with their own dashboard so they can login and gain access to everything they need.

Track Return of Investment

Get full reporting on your affiliate activity over periods of time and find ways to improve on your campaigns.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Optimise your marketing touchpoint as your customers pass through them on route to purchase.