Measure your Marketing Return of Investment

Track the ROI from your marketing activities with real-time data on clicks, leads and acquisitions, as they happen.

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Make your next campaign the most successful one yet.

Tracking the success of your marketing campaigns not only indicates where you are converting visitors, but also reveals areas of improvement to increase engagement and drive more revenue. 

Advanced analytics dashboard

Instantly measure your return of investment using actionable data from Fortifi’s powerful reporting tools.

Track your data in real-time. Fortifi’s single view dashboard provides insights on all your marketing activity, from your clicks, leads and acquisitions, through to your top publishers.

Gain deeper insights with Fortifi Marketing reporting

Compare and make insightful decisions based on data on your profit and loss, reversals, actions and activity.

Drill right down into your data to get a full look at the customer journey and deeper insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns.

More Ways To Grow Your Business

Affiliate Marketing

Manage your affiliate marketing programmes with everything you need in one platform.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Track your customers as they pass through the multiple touchpoint of your customer journey.

Optimise Your Marketing

Drive more quality traffic and generate better leads from your marketing campaigns.