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Effortlessly keep track of customer conversations by converting emails into support tickets with Fortifi's collaborative ticketing system. 

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Why Do You Need a Support Ticket Software?

Increase agent productivity

Fortifi’s ticket management software is designed to help your team collaborate and increase productivity with a range of innovative features. 

Automating routine tasks makes life easier for your agents so they can continue to provide the highest level of customer support. With Fortifi Support, you can create workflows that filter and distribute tickets as they arrive in your inbox to the correct agents. No more filtering through mountains of emails, Fortifi provides your agents with the most important emails to them right away.

Increase customer satisfaction

A ticket management platforms make it easy for your team to make your customers happy. 

Fortifi Support allows your team to reply to customers in a quick and efficient manner. Create custom SLA's based on customer or topic of conversation so your agents know how long they have to respond. 

Happy customers are loyal customers, that will continue to return and spread the good word about their experiences with your brand.

Prompt resolution of customer requests

Stop wasting hours of your week searching through email inboxes to manually assign and distribute support requests as they come in. Remove the possibility of emails being missed by collecting all your communications in one centralised, shared inbox through the use of support tickets. 

By converting emails into support tickets, your customer service team can easily organise, categorise and route email conversations using Fortifi's automation and workflow technology. 

Make your inbox work for you. With Fortifi Support Tickets, the most important emails will automatically jump to the top based on custom criteria you create, making sure you reply to every email on time, every time.

Auto-follow up with your customers

With Fortifi's auto follow-up feature, you can take back control of your support process. Emails can easily fall into junk folders, for forgotten about, or missed completely. You want to make sure a customer issue is resolved, and no response from their side can only increase the time to resolution for your team.

Instead of searching through your sent box for unanswered emails, be proactive in your communications. With Fortifi Support, you can set custom time frames to be reminded that a customer is yet to reply to your email. When this lapses, the email will return to your unanswered tickets area as an action for you to complete. 

Meet your deadlines and SLAs

Your customers are your priority. You may have contracted Service Level Agreements (SLAs), or as a manager, you may have set KPIs that you want your team to meet in terms of response and resolution rate.

With Fortifi Support, you can set SLA policies to ensure your agents know how long they have to respond to and resolve a support request. 

Find out more about our SLA tracking and management tools.

Save common replies as reusable responses

Automate your customer service with fast and personalised canned responses. Increase agent productivity by creating and sending dynamic templates that help them build a better message. Also known as macros, these responses are triggered by a word or phrase that creates a full, pre-stored answer. These can then be edited by the agent based on the circumstance and customer. 

Create responses to commonly asked questions and utilise them in both tickets and live chat to increase agent efficiency and improve resolution time. 

Know the full customer journey

It is important that your agents have context over the customer's previous experiences when they email in. What have the purchased before? Have they made any previous complaints? 

Recall past conversations and allow other agents to access the complete history of a contact using Fortifi CRM. Your support team are able to get to know the customer instantaneously with Fortifi's integrated platform structure.

Feed tickets to the correct departments and queues

If you have a large customer support team, you are likely to have agents which specialise in different areas of your business. Billing support, troubleshooting, onboarding to name a few. By using a standard inbox, your team have to search and manually forward on emails to the correct departments.

With Fortifi, you can set up rules that will define and route incoming tickets to the rights department, queues and agents. You can ensure that specific department agents only see tickets that are relevant to them, increasing their productivity and efficiency in response.

Avoid repeating work

How many times have you found more than one agent working on the same customer issue?

With Fortifi, you can reduce time wastage and increase agent productivity with Fortifi’s collision detection features. As agents view a ticket, they can see if another team member is already working on it. 

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