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Easily keep track of customer conversations by converting emails into support tickets.

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Why Do You Need a Ticket Management System?

Increase agent productivity

Fortifi’s ticket management software is designed with team collaboration and increasing productivity in mind.

Automating routine tasks makes life easier for your agents so they can continue to provide the highest level of customer support.

Increase customer satisfaction

A ticket management platform makes it easy to make your customers happy.

Happy customers are loyal customers that will continue to repeat purchase and spread the positive word about their experiences with your brand.

Prompt resolution of customer requests

Collect all your customer support requests in one centralised, shared inbox through the use of support tickets. 

By converting emails into support tickets, your customer service team can easily organise, categorise and route email conversations using Fortifi's automation and workflow technology.

Auto-follow up with your customers

With Fortifi's auto follow-up feature, you can take back control of your support. 

Be proactive in your support and if your customer has not replied in a custom set time frame, the ticket will re-open as a to-do in your main ticket feed. Make sure you are consistently following up with your customers to get issues resolved quickly. 

Meet your deadlines and SLAs

Set SLA policies to standardise your support procedures or to meet contracted customer agreements. By using Fortifi's ticket management software, your agents know how long they have to respond to and resolve a support request.

Find out more about our SLA tracking and management tools.

Save common replies as reusable responses

Automate your customer service with fast and personalised canned responses. Increase agent productivity by creating and sending dynamic templates that help them build a better message.

Create responses to commonly asked questions and utilise them in both tickets and live chat to increase agent efficiency and improve resolution time. 

Know the full customer journey

Recall past conversations and allow other agents to access the complete history of a contact using Fortifi CRM.

Provide a seamless and exceptional customer experience by allowing your agents and other departments to access a full history of customer orders and past communications in a matter of seconds.

Feed tickets to the correct departments and queues

Set up rules that will define and route incoming tickets to the rights department, queue and agents.

Define customers and topics that will auto-assign to the correct departments when they arrive in your inbox.

Avoid repeating work

Reduce time wastage and increase agent productivity with Fortifi’s collision detection features.

Easily see who else is viewing and responding to a enquiry to avoid conflicting and multiple responses.

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