SLA management and tracking

Help your agents prioritise tickets using service level agreements to increase customer satisfaction.

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Why Do You Need SLA Management Software?

Standardize you support processes

Service level agreements (SLAs) are important because they set the rules of the level of service expected from the provider.

Whether they are customer agreements, or internally set standards, SLAs allow for clear understanding between you and your customers and agents.

Improve customer retention

By monitoring and reporting on your support team’s performance, you can pinpoint weaknesses and problems faster. 

Deliver quality levels of customer service and recognise areas of improvement to see your customer satisfaction levels soar. 

Automate your SLA management

Service Level Agreements are pre-agreed contracts which specify a measure of time required by a support team to respond to an enquiry. 

In Fortifi, you can create an unlimited amount of SLA plans and assign these based on different customers, topics and departments.

With Fortifi’s automation technology, you and your team can focus on delivering memorable customer service in less time.

Prioritise your replies

It is crucial to deliver the best possible service to your customers and as a result, this increases the pressure on support agents to respond to multiple tickets in a timely manner.

By creating workflows to build a dynamic priority for your tickets, your agents can easily see what needs their attention immediately.

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