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Why do you need Live Chat?

Increase website conversion rates

Studies show that providing live chat as a service tool can help increase conversions by 20%.

Point your customers in the right direction and give them the answers they need to immediately take a desired action. 

Real-time convenience for customers

Live chat is an easy and quick way for your customers to find the answers they need to take the next step.

Often more convenient than phone or email, live chat puts your customers in touch with your staff in a matter of seconds.

Easily engage with customers and empower your support agents to create personal connections that deliver on customer expectations

Customers love real-time support

Fortifi Live Chat allows you to provide immediate customer support to visitors when they are most engaged in your brand.

Whether you are a small business looking to provide an extra level of customer service, or a large help desk looking to expand from standard telephone support, Fortifi Live Chat allows you to provide a personal connection with your visitors.

Transfer chats between team members and departments

Easily transfer conversations between your team members to get further expertise and solve customer enquiries quicker.

Ensuring the right agent answers the most relevant chat will help lower your resolution time and increase customer satisfaction rates.

Customise your chat widget

You want your live chat to suit your website and the rest of your brand. 

Create an eye-catching widget that matches your brand colours and edit the call-to-action to get visitor attention.

Get to know your visitors

Turn anonymous visitors into known leads when a chat is initiated. Fortifi automatically builds their customer profile based on information including location right down to the IP address, browser type and more.

Gain instant customer feedback

Send post-chat satisfaction surveys to gather valuable, real-time feedback based on your team's performance..

Satisfaction results can be viewed by time period and agent in Fortifi Support Reporting. 

Pre-Qualify leads

Provide a pre-qualification form that your website visitors need to complete before opening a chat.

Your agents then know if this is a new or returning customer, the topic of conversation and can add them as a contact in your Fortifi CRM.

Get started instantly

Adding Fortifi Live Chat to your website is easy. Simply copy a line of javascript into the HTML of your website and you can start chatting and converting your visitors straight away.

Ensure you are staffed efficiently

Keep on top of your agent performance and don’t let your support quality drop, by drilling down into your support hotspots in Fortifi's reporting suite.

See when chat and ticket session resolutions are at their best and worst to ensure you allocate correct staffing levels for busy periods throughout your week. 

Save time with Chat Macros

Set up canned responses for your most commonly asked questions. Using quick commands, your support team can respond faster with pre-designed answers that can be sent directly or edited for individual visitors. 

More Ways To Grow Your Business

Ticket Management

Transfer more complicated conversations into support tickets for you to follow up with later.

Telephone Support 

Make memorable customer support easy with telephone integrations from leading providers.

Fortifi CRM

Log your live chat conversations against customer records in Fortifi CRM for easy review at a later date.